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We are very happy to correspond with our clients. If you are making an initial contact inquiring about pen work, we encourage you to make contact by email--simply so that we have a record of our correspondance. You are welcome to call to casually inquire about our services or pens. However, when it comes time to make serious or official inquiries, we'll ask you to email us specifics--for the purposes of record keeping.

When you email, please use the primary email link below to send us a note. I will make do my best to respond to your email within a day or so. If after a few days you receive no response from us, or if your email is sent back to you as "undeliverable," please use the alternate email address. If you prefer to call us, our number is also listed for you.



-(304) 839-9448

Here are some things that I would ask you to remember:

I live in the Eastern Time Zone and I have two young daughters who tend to go to bed much earlier than I do.

I can call you if it is past a reasonable hour (for example, regular business hours of 9AM-5PM). If you really need voice-to-voice help, send me an email with your phone number and a window of time it is safe to call you, and I'll try to give you a call back as soon as possible.

While I really enjoy working on pens, please understand that I do not work on pens full-time and I am not in my shop every day of the week. In fact, there are circumstances under which I may not be reachable by phone for some time. For example, if I'm meeting with someone as part of my "real" job as a Christian minister, I won't be able to answer your call. While I'm actively engaged in the performance of my ministry, the only phone calls I answer are from my wife. So, if you call, please know that I may not be able to take your call. Please leave a message and I'll get back with you as soon as possible.

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