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Clients' Comments

Dear Tim,

I am finally back home and have been using the pen for a couple of days. Your work is absolutely amazing. It went from the pen I enjoyed the least, to one of my favorites. Thanks again and as soon as my next pen loses perfection, I will send it over.


Hi Tim-

I just got the pens in the mail,...and I just inked them both up--couldn't wait...Both pens are just perfect!...

Tim, I couldn't be more pleased. Excellent work indeed, thank you. The pens glide so smoothly I feel as though a lighter touch feels just natural...The results are manifest.


Dear Tim...

Thank you for wonderful pen I received today. Your attention to detail with respect to the quality of the restoration can only be described as phenomenal.

...I am sure to I'll be back sooner rather than later to add to my ever growing collection of vintage pens.

Warm regards,


Thanks! The pen now writes like a dream. Good job.

I am very impressed with the work you did. I am sure that "Girdlerized" will soon enter the pen community vocabulary.

Bob (http://www.bresslervineyards.com/)


Received pen last night. I am very impressed with your work. The pen is writing beautifully! Thank you so much. I may another to send out soon.

You are an artist. Thanks again.


Dear Tim,

My pen went off to you scratching and skipping. It comes back to me writing wonderfully smooth and yet with the road feel that makes writing with a fountain pen so special. What joy!

Thanks & thanks again.


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