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How should I package my pens for shipping?

To answer this question, please read this page: Shipping Your Pens.

I don't see your mailing address on your webpage, where do I send my pens?

We do not publish our address--and that is on purpose. If you decide to use our services for your pens, we'll gladly email our address to you so that you can mail your pens to us.

Is there any paperwork I can fill out?

While it is not required of our clients, you are encouraged to download our Work Request Form. You can fill out this form and include it with your pen(s).

I live outside the United States, is shipping really $8?

No. Shipping will be more. In fact, if you live outside the US and would like to purchase a pen, we recommend that you contact us through email and give us your mailing address so that we can give you a range of shipping options. We will also be happy to prepare an invoice for you detailing the cost of the pen, any custom work, and international shipping.

If you're only discovering this FAQ after having purchased a pen from outside the US, don't worry. We'll send you a separate invoice for the international shipping, minus the $8 automatically calculated by our shopping cart.

The customs fees in my country are high, can you mark the pen as a "gift" or report a lower value?

No. Under no circumstances and in no way, shape, or form will we falsify customs declarations. I am an honest business man, and falsifying customs documents is unethical as well as illegal and I will not do business in such a manner. 

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