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The Pen Repair Process


1. Initial Contact:

Usually, clients contact me by email asking if I can work on their pens. Occasionally, some clients will call. Simply for purposes of record keeping, I prefer email to telephone conversations. Once we've come to an agreement about me working on your pens, I'll send you my address so that your pen(s) can be shipped.

2. You Send Your Pens:

If you haven't read the "FAQ" about shipping your pens to us, please do so by visiting the Shipping Your Pens page. I cannot stress enough how important it is to ship your pens in a box. Also, please do not send your pens with ink in them. Pens that are sent inked are subject to a $25 cleaning fee.

For sending your pens, I recommend using the United States Postal Service. UPS or FedEx is OK, however, it is possible that your pen(s) may sit on my doorstep unprotected from the elements, etc. The USPS delivers my mail into a locked "mail tree" and it is, therefore, more secure.

Also, I've received pens in boxes marked only with my address--no return address, no name of the person who sent the pen, etc. Please be sure you clearly mark your pens with a proper return address. To help us out, please consider downloading and filling out our Work Request Form.

When I receive your pens, I'll send you an email letting you know that your pens have arrived. If there is any issue with how they've arrived (for instance, if the pens have been damaged in shipping), I'll let you know.

3. I Evaluate Your Pen(s):

I call the evaluation process of your pens "Triage." During the triage process, a determination will be made as to what the pen will need in order to be returned to its optimum writing condition. Often, I'll receive pens where the owner asks for a simple nib tuning. After the pen is examined, however, it is determined that the nib is bent and has to be straightened before it can be tuned. By the same token, there are times when a simple restoration is asked for and, upon further review, the restoration will not be so "simple."

Triage letters come to you via email and the letters let you know:

1. What we think the pen needs
2. What we think the work will cost
3. What, if any, risks are involved in this work (this is especially relevant for repair work on nibs)

I ask that you respond to the triage email so you can accept my evaluation of your pen and the cost estimate, and so we can have your permission to begin work on your pens. If, for some reason, you choose not to authorize the work, I'll be happy to return your pen to you without doing anything to it. All you'll need to cover is return shipping.

4. I Work On Your Pen(s):

Depending on how busy I am, and depending on the goings-on of my life and the life of my family, I hope to have your pens back to you as soon as possible. Pen restoration and repair is not an exact science. Unexpected things do happen during a repair or restoration. In rare cases, if a replacement part has to be ordered, or if there is a special case where I need to keep the pen for further testing, the return of your pen may be delayed. If it is, you'll typically receive an email detailing what we're doing and the reason for the delay.

Because of my "real job" in full-time Christian ministry, I am not able to work on pens full-time. As the pastor of a really small and financially challenged church, my time is not always my own. Things can and do come up and, of course, this increases turn-around time. With varying degrees of success, I am always working on making the turn-around time shorter.

5. I Return Your Pen(s)

When the work on your pen is finished, you'll receive a standard return letter via email which will give instructions for payment. Once we receive your payment, your pens will be packaged and shipped at the earliest possible opportunity.

We encourage you to read about the Return Shipping Policy on the bottom of the Policies Page, and we encourage you to ask any questions at any point.

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