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We offer a number of options when it comes to tuning your nibs and restoring your pens. In our attempt to eliminate confusion, we've decided to categorize our offerings here in this "menu" so that we can clarify what each service includes and so that you can order exactly what you want.
Nib Adjustment & Repair Prices
Nib tunings are done according to Richard Binder's “Binderization” process. The pen is filled with ink (not just dipped) and tested on high-quality paper; the tines are aligned and the ink flow is adjusted (usually a 6-out-of-10 flow); and the writing surface is smoothed and polished. If a nib comes to us needing to be repaired, the nib is removed from the pen, if possible; the repair work is done; and the nib is reinstalled. Every repaired nib is then tested and tuned as part of the repair process.
Nib Tuning $25
Nib Repair (includes nib tuning) Start at $30
Nib Customization Prices
Custom nibs are ground to your desired specification using the method developed by Richard Binder. All of these custom grinds are available on the new pens we sell. You can add any of these grinds to your pen at time of purchase by visiting the Custom Nibs page in our store. Also, these custom grinds can be done on a pen you already own. Please contact us and we'll tell you how you can send your pen to us.
Custom Grinds (Stub; Cursive Italic; Crisp Italic; Pillow Italic™) $40
Narrow a nib to produce a finer line $40
Narrow a nib to Extra-fine and finer $50
Pen Hack for a #5 Nib $50
Pen Hack for a #6 Nib $55
Pen Restoration Prices
We offer restoration services for a number of pens. When we restore a pen, the pen is completely disassembled; thoroughly cleaned (usually in an ultrasonic cleaner); old, worn-out, or defective parts are replaced; light surface scratches are reduced; and the pen is lightly polished. If you don't see your pen listed in our price list, please contact us and talk with us about your pen--we're always up for expanding our repertoire!
Lever Fillers Start at $30
Button Fillers Start at $35
Parker "51" Aerometric Start at $40
Parker "51" Vacumatic Start at $40
Parker Vacumatic Start at $40
Sheaffer Snorkel Start at $40
Sheaffer Touchdown Start at $40
Add-on Services Prices
We offer several services that you can request in addition to nib and restoration work, or you can send your pen to us just for these services. There are times that we will have to add these services to your order simply because they need to be done so that we can do what you've asked us to do. In most cases, we'll make every attempt to communicate the add-on to you before we do it. However, in the instances of mold removal (in all cases) and cleaning (in the case of nib work), we'll need to perform the add-on service so that we can do what you've originally asked us to do.
Pen Cleaning Start at $25
Mold Removal Start at $40
Remove Dents from a Parker "51" Cap Start at $30
Restore Brushed Finish on a Parker "51" Lustraloy Cap Start at $30

PLEASE NOTE: Certain things are not covered in a pen's restoration. For instance, if your lever filler needs a new pressure bar, it will be $5.00 extra. If your Parker "51" Aerometric needs a new breather tube, it will be an additional $10.00.

Many times replacement parts may need to be obtained if a part on your pen is too far gone from either damage or age. When additional parts or work is necessary, additional charges may apply. We will be sure to discuss any additional charges with you before we start work on your pen.

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